Lin Family Altar Testimony

Lin Family Altar Testimony(2017.08.06)

All praise and glory be to our Lord Jesus for His great faithfulness and amazing loving kindness。
We thank the Lord for answering our prayers.  God made it possible for our family to live within walking distance.

About 11 years ago, during our family prayer time we had asked the Lord to grant our request for our family to live close to each other and serve the Lord together in the last days.

Today we want to give thanks and praise for the amazing things He has done.
Beginning in March 2017,  we (Grandpa + Grandma Lin and Esther) began to help taking care of John + Yiming’s children, Jin-jin + Jia-jia.
At that time, both John + Yiming needed to work full time.
So, we helped them to pick up the children after school, prepare dinner for them and tell them Bible stories.
Initially, it was difficult to adjust to this new schedule and responsibility.

During the Feast of Passover Fasting (21 Days), the Lord gave us a word regarding this.
The Lord Jesus reminded us of His word, “Do you love me?  Then feed my sheep. ”
Then we understood that it was the Lord’s will.

We began to have family altar time with them
In the month of June 2017,
Jin- jin + Jia-jia prayed the prayer of salvation.
We praise God for His grace upon them so that they are very eager to listen to Bible Stories.
They also like to pray and sing worship songs.
They also enjoy sharing what they learn by summarizing the Bible stories they learn. They remember what they learn.
When they make a nice drawing etc. they say that want to give it to Jesus.

We are deeply grateful that the Lord Jesus has extended His loving kindness, goodness and mercies to our family and blessed our family altar time.

Highest praises, thankgiving and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.