Receive Revelation and Physical Healing-Stan Huesing/台灣

Stan Huesing/台灣

This school was very effective to give me what I need.

First, there was serious diffculty for me to come, but God worked miracles to solve the problems.Then everything went smoothly. The worship times were memorable,the teaching simple and clear.

I was provided with English syllabus for me and another for our daughter.

Our hotel was convenient and excellent,a very positive experience.

In the course of the teaching, many of my guestions were anwered. Experiencing things before they were explained worked well for me. I realized that attempting to record the content to experience later would result in failure. These sessions were truly an experience of “learning by doing.”

Our teacher gave us the feeling that he was sincerely and humbly learning together with us and sharing his experiences in a way that let us and sharing his experiences together with him in a fresh and exciting way.

Sevral low back and upper back injuries have kept me in pain anf stiffness for over 30 years,but the Holy Spirit chiropractic treatment Monday night was so effective. That was an amazing experience to receive help for my spineat at last.

Now I understand first hand the purpos of signs and micracles of healing.I want to live each day in an atmosphere of praise and worship. This morning, I surrenderd myself and my life to Jesus to be available to Him each day for His plan and purposes, tolove Him more each day, and to trust Him in everything.